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Cinema chair LS-BS56

  • Cinema seat
  • Fixed installation





    • Product description
    • Product model: BS56
    • Product specification
    • Seat width: 490; Seat height: 450; Seat depth: 480; Handrail height: 610;
    • Armrest width: 70; Full height: 1020; Full depth: 720. The center distance is 570
    • Product material and function description
    • one-piece, injection molded, high impact polypropylene outer backfor ease of maintenance. Recyclable and eco-friendly.
    • PUSHBACK engineering with a swing of 130mm.
    • Ergonomically sculpted backrest design with great lumbar support ensures the maximum comfort delivered.
    • ABSintegral cup holder armrest with phone holder for added comfort.
    • Retractable center armrest helps for space optimization.
    • Contoured seat cushion design for optimum comfort.
    • one-piece, injection molded, high impact polypropylene seat pan for ease of maintenance.
    • High-strength steel structure, electrostatic power coat finish



    Additional information

    Back of seat

    Foam sponge is made of sponge, which is made according to the principle of human sitting engineering. It has high elasticity, comfortable and durable. The sponge density of the seat is greater than 50kg/m3, and the sponge density of the back is greater than 45kg/m3.

    Seat and back

    The chair seat and back lining board are made of seven layers of hardwood plywood, which is made of high frequency wave and high pressure. It has strong supporting force, impact resistance and deformation resistance.


    Imported flannelette cloth; Flame retardant performance passed the national test, (available in a variety of colors).
    Handrail surface use solid wood

    Writing board and writing board mechanism

    The tablet mechanism is a flip mechanism, and the flip part including the supporting part of the tablet is made of aluminum alloy. The surface is finished with fine polishing. Service life more than 5 years. Writing board board for solid board thickness 15mm.